Can risk be reduced by sourcing from multiple suppliers offshore?

Can risk be reduced by multishoring? – the latest buzz word in the outsource vocabulary does it mean anything or just there to entice?

Forced Change in an Outsourcing – guidelines for communicating to reduce resistance

Communicating to employees when they are being outsourced is an essential task and if done well can substantially reduce resistance

Involve people in change to reduce the resistance

Forced change in the context of tight deadlines is the reality but we can still reduce the resistance if we involve people

Why Outsourcing often does not deliver value

Why are the benefits of outsourcing only rarely achieved In a recent Dun & Bradstreet report they noted that “25 percent of all outsourcing fails” completely and over 50% of all outsource deals do not deliver any substantive benefit at all. Outsourcing failures are often the result of companies rushing into transactions with unrealistic or [...]

Will outsourcing be a victim of the credit crunch

Is searching the world for a cheap compliant workforce going to be a thing of the past now that the credit crunch is taking hold?

Labour Party to clone Tony Blair before next election to ensure New Labour for Generations to come

There is a great debate in the UK about cloning and other research that aims to stretch the limits of what is allowed by an ethical society. Most of the debate is posed in terms that service to defuse debate and restate the authority of those in charge of the country and the subordination of the greater mass of people to their will

City Spivs and Speculators get paid (off) for ‘risk’ taking

The Credit Crunch in the UK is being used to divert attention from the incompetence of the management of the economy over the last ten years. Quick to claim credit in the good times politicians in the UK are running for cover and avoiding blame when the climate turns bad.

Gordon Brown UK Prime Minister re-launches again and fails

Gordon Brown tries to convince skeptical voters he is the man for the job