Is foreign outsourcing of American jobs by American Companies immoral?

Lawmakers in more than 25 states and in the United States Congress have identified foreign outsourcing as a threat to US employment and prosperity. Legislators must ban federal or state contracts with companies that would outsource jobs to foreign countries.

How to Make Outsourcing Work

Moving non-core activities performed in-house to specialists outside the company helping the entrepreneur or business to focus on the core competencies and improve performance standards is the main premis of outsourcing. The growth and rewards of this practice can be quite high but the downsides are daunting.

How can people in an outsourcing respect their manager but hate the organisation?

I was thinking about outsourcing change management and the observation that those being outsourced often speak with respect about the boss delivering the message whilst being very hostile to the organisation actually forcing through the reorganisation. It has often happened to me when talking to people being outsourced that some managers or leaders are able to give bad news when it is necessary whilst still maintaining a good relation with their staff.

Outsourcing kills the IT job market – what now for IT recruitment?

George Molyneaux is quoted by Computer Weekly as saying that ‘Outsourcing jobs reduces the incentives to get into IT’. Not surprisingly, there are far fewer people taking IT as a subject at University – and there are fewer graduate level jobs in the UK. How on earth are we going to develop the future project managers who will understand the UK IT industry? I think this is a real time-bomb.

The Human side of outsourcing – managing people change

An outsourcing transfer can be viewed as a form of transition. This change process involves involuntary movement from one company to another, with possible similarities, from the staff point of view, to mergers and acquisitions. The transfer may also include staff reductions or ‘downsizing’, and the new organization will make some effort to develop a relationship with their new staff in the form of organizational socialization.

Outsourcing failures often not published but it is so easy to make it right

There remain problems with getting outsourcing right yet we all buy into the gung-ho press around this important change – lets get a grip and make this important change right.

Selective Outsourcing

“Selective Outsourcing” is aimed at building trust and establishing compatibility between the investor and the outsourcing partner before any long term agreement is reached with mutual consent. This means, while the outsourcing partner works on specific modules, the investor retains control over the overall function. Payroll Management is an excellent example of Selective Outsourcing.

People in an Outsource will respect a manager who is fair and honest

Even is it is bad news, such as being let go a careful and honest manager can put over the news in a respectful way taking care of her employees – lessons in how to reduce resistance at source by being ethical and fair.

Stress From Outsourcing can kill – we need to manage those staying as well

instantempo instantempo instantempo instantempo Stress From Outsourcing can Kill I was struck by the similarity in the situation when people are laid off during redundancies and the stress caused by the move from one company to another during outsourcing – it strikes me that this is an under researched area and something we as managers [...]

Book Review of Outsourcing and Human Resource Management by Ruth Taplin editor

This book was reviewed on the BizFace forum – I was one of the contributors for a chapter on the people lifecycle