Recent Archaeological research shows football invented in Wales

It is often not appreciated that Football was invented in Wales this article aims to put this straight and pleads for more recognition of the long Welsh tradition in the arts, sport and politics.

Campaign to get Red Lady of Paviland returned to Wales

The Red Lady of Paviland As BizFace members will be aware the ‘Red-Lady of Paviland’ currently resides in a box in Oxford and is the subject of action to attempt the repatriate the red-lady (actually red-bloke cos it is man!) to the land of origin Wales. The Red-Lady actually a red-ochre stained body of a [...]

World Toilet Day Celebrations in Chipping Norton

World Toilet Day Celebrations in Chipping Norton As we all know last week (the 19th November) saw the celebration of world toilet day – I know ‘what another crap day’ – well yes actually. As we know a visit to the bathroom is a regular ritual for all of us and a person will go [...]

The Banking Crisis of 1825 – Lloyds a safe bet even then

Banking Crisis – Lloyds was a safe bank in 1825 The recent banking crisis and the failure of the Scottish attempts to take over the banking world in the UK has set me thinking about the earlier attempts at setting up regional banks and in particular the setting up of the first real retail type [...]

The Bardsey Crown to Return to the land of Merlin

This is a take on the recent arguments in Wales for the Return of the Barsey Crown to Wales – it is currently kept in the maritime Museum in Liverpool