Creating Confidence: A handbook for professionals working with young people’ Centre for confidence and well-being

Carol highlights how our society’s increase in choice, mass media and individualism requires confidence to enable us to choose and do well. Yet there seem to be many misunderstandings about how to develop confidence, and even what we mean by it.

The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson, (2006) Random House

This book discusses how new technology and the increasing connectivity of the web brings unlimited access to both culture and content. The focus is on the economics of business in our wired world.

Outsourcing and Human Resource Management: An International Survey (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia): An International Survey

Outsourcing is an increasingly popular strategy deployed by a variety of institutions, including banks, multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This book assesses the problems and solutions for those attempting to outsource through an analysis of human resource management, insourcing, lifecycles of the project, insurance requirements, operational management and recruitment

Book Review of Outsourcing and Human Resource Management by Ruth Taplin editor

This book was reviewed on the BizFace forum – I was one of the contributors for a chapter on the people lifecycle