10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Customers

When you are in business, you need to remember that without your customers, you are nothing.  I have been in the ebook business for 6 years (internet marketing over 10 years) and have grown to appreciate my customers immensely.  It always amazes me when a fellow online business owner shows his/her customers no appreciation.  I even had one fellow ebook store owner say that he wanted everything as easy as possible because he did not want to have to bother with his customers.  I was stunned!

So, if you are like the above mentioned business owner and don’t want to have to “bother” with your customers, here are ten effective tips for doing just that!

1. Treat Your Customers Like Idiots – Use a lot of hype, pushy sales talk, clichés and mumbo-jumbo in your sales pitch and product info.  These people don’t know anything about what you’re selling so why talk to them honestly and intelligently.

2. Be Vague – Don’t have any clear, concise info on your website.  Don’t give a positive call-to-action.  Don’t let the customer know what your site is all about.  Don’t tell them anything about what you have to offer or how it can benefit them.

3. Don’t Bother Keeping Your Word – Promise them the moon and then after they buy who cares?? Once you make the sale, why bother keeping your promise – they fell for it!

4.  Don’t Answer Their Questions – Take your time answering emails.  Don’t put a FAQ page on your site.  Don’t give each one as much attention as they need to address all of their concerns.  You will probably just waste a lot of time answering their questions and then they won’t buy anyway.

5.  Make Your Site as Annoying as Possible – Be sure to add a lot of flash, frames and music to your site.  Don’t make all the pages consistent and be sure to confuse them with a complicated navigation menu.

6.  Be Sure to Automate Everything – Don’t give your customers the personal touch and be in contact with them.  That takes too much time.  Automate everything so you don’t have to deal with them.

7.  Hidden Costs – Don’t be upfront with all your product costs, shipping, etc.  If they know what everything costs, they probably won’t order!

8.  Definitely Don’t Offer Contact Info – Do not put your name and contact info on your site.  You don’t want these people to know who you are or how to contact you.

9.  Make Them Jump Through Hoops to Order – Make them click through as many steps as possible to order from you.  This way you know they really want your products.  If the ordering process is too simple, they might wonder why?!

10. Don’t Be Continually Updating Your Site – They might get confused if you keep changing things and offering new products, services, sales and specials.

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