HR Operational Improvement – managing your care staff and delivering better care

Delivering to the NHS effective workforce planning, scheduling and establishment.

The need to effectively manage human capital is placing increased demands on the human resources team in every enterprise. Especially in those organisations managing diverse highly skilled workforces.

  • Are you over-budgeting on agency staff spends?
  • Never totally sure which people will be available for shifts?
  • Spending too much time and money on scheduling?
  • Subject to shutting down facilities due to lack of staff?

These are just some of the issues we have seen within many major institutions including the NHS in the UK. In our experience the staffing and budget issues within many NHS trusts is at least partially due to the difficulties of workforce planning and control. It is necessary in these cases to develop an assessment process that will identify cost improvements and recommend changes in organization and processes that will improve workforce utilisation. You are then able with software providers to implement solutions that deliver the benefits we have found.


  • Scoping the value – the building of hypotheses and identification of improvement areas.
  • Strategic operations review – validation of hypotheses and detailing of the benefits and solutions.
  • Benefit delivery – actions and programmes to deliver the benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Increased understanding and control of working practices and the precise reasons for over-spend at the ward or unit level.
  • Reductions in agency nurse spend by efficient and transparent scheduling of core staff and management of agency staff resource.
  • Reduction in the time taken to schedule and increased staff retention through ability to manage and respond to staff preferences.
  • Reduced training and recruitment spend through ability to target recruitment and training needs ahead of time.
  • A clear establishment procedure

To confirm the potential for substantive improvements the initial two-day scoping should be asked for from suppliers – carried out a non-cost to enable you to assess whether there is indeed scope for improvement and if the consultants are up the job and understand your business. If the answer is negative, you will still have the benefit of a report that outlines how efficiently your operation is organized!

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