Bees show the way to making good decisions

I read with interest an article in the Sunday paper this week on the assertion that Bees ‘Decision Making Strategy’ (sic) could help the business world to come to more informed decisions. Apparently swarms send out ‘scouts’ to assess the quality of a potential site for a hive. The insects then report back to the [...]

Campaign to get Red Lady of Paviland returned to Wales

The Red Lady of Paviland As BizFace members will be aware the ‘Red-Lady of Paviland’ currently resides in a box in Oxford and is the subject of action to attempt the repatriate the red-lady (actually red-bloke cos it is man!) to the land of origin Wales. The Red-Lady actually a red-ochre stained body of a [...]

Why is Business Benefits Planning Essential – free ebook to download

Business Benefits planning is important but we don’t do ‘it’ – this post has a link to a free ebook to get up to speed in this important area.