City Spivs and Speculators get paid (off) for ‘risk’ taking

The Credit Crunch in the UK is being used to divert attention from the incompetence of the management of the economy over the last ten years. Quick to claim credit in the good times politicians in the UK are running for cover and avoiding blame when the climate turns bad.

Gordon Brown UK Prime Minister re-launches again and fails

Gordon Brown tries to convince skeptical voters he is the man for the job

Osmophobia infects Southern Rail

Sitting in a train coach in comes someone with an enormous Doner Kebak – how many million bacteria do you think he is eating?

The Deathly GM Crops and The Half-Wit Prince

Prince Charles of the UK has no job to speak of but speak he does on various issues of the day with little or no regards for the fact he has no idea what he is about.